Healthy Lifestyle Policy



A Healthy Lifestyle Policy

Based on HELP (Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan) Document


  • To make children aware of the importance of a healthy diet.
  • To help parents in the reinforcement of healthy eating at school and at home.
  • To educate the children in choosing the right food for them.
  • To help children make the right choices in life.
  • To minimise the problem of obesity and other diseases among children.
  • To empower children with hygiene skills.

During these last years, awareness towards healthy lifestyles has featured in so many areas around the island.  The problem of obesity in children and diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles has increased.  The incidence of diabetes in children and the high incidence of cardiovascular disease and diet-related cancers are other challenges to health in the Maltese scenario.

During the past two years the Healthy Eating Policy made a great difference in the choice of lunches that children brought with them to school.  Moreover parents also remarked that the healthy eating trend is also being taken at home.  However, teachers have also brought up the issue of sports activities and hygiene awareness.


  • the SMT are to oversee all aspects of food in school and to give feedback so as to continue developing a school healthy eating plan;
  • identifies healthy eating school activities.
  • works together with the Education Health Services, the Health and Safety Unit, the Home Economics Seminar Centre and other stakeholders, in the provision of support services for students and parents;
  • aims to educate students and parents about nutrition and personal health, focusing mainly on eating habits and consumer awareness and rights
  • will give students a voice by establishing mechanisms for involving them in policy development of healthy eating, through the EkoSkola Committee
  • will hold various activities that promote exercise.


  • are expected to participate in all healthy lifestyle related activities;
  • are to take an active role in reinforcing healthy eating habits;
  • are prohibited from bringing any drink to school except water;
  • are not allowed to get sweets to school, except for birthday cakes or similar and on special occasions celebrated by the school;
  • are highly encouraged to opt for the fruit and vegetable scheme;
  • who opt for milk, are to be served about 100ml, as stipulated by the HELP;
  • are encouraged to substitute sweets with fruit;


  • are to support the school policy about healthy eating;
  • are expected to give any positive feedback or contribution to develop further the Healthy Lifestyle Policy;
  • should become aware of the right food they are expected to give to their children by reading the list of healthy food at the end of this policy* and also get a copy of the HELP over the Internet ( search Education, Click on Ministry, Documents, HELP Resources)
  • should be role models of healthy lifestyles – encouraging their children to take part in sports activities, refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol, and prepare healthy menus.


  • have to be role models of a Healthy Lifestyle. This includes eating habits, communication, hygiene and table manners
  • will give high priority to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle on their school agenda;
  • will make provision for a flexible curriculum which highlights health, diet, nutrition, food, safety and hygiene, food preparation and cooking and promotes physical exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle;
  • are to ensure that clear and consistent messages about food, drink and healthy eating are being delivered across the school day so as to reinforce the healthy lifestyle message.
  • should share positive results with other teachers and via the media/press;
  • must promote the consumption of fruit, vegetables and water;
  • should make sure that before children start eating their lunch, the desks are clear from any stationery and that each child has the lunch in a clean lunchbox, has a napkin and wipes.