Development Plan

This SDP is based on the following AIMS and VALUES.

  1. to deliver a balanced curriculum, in line with the National Curriculum Framework which provides a holistic education and respects diversity.

  2. to aim to develop the potential, interest and needs of every child irrespective of ability.

  3. to instill in every child a sense of self-worth, self discipline, respect for others, as well as love for the environment as a committed citizen of the world.

  4. to motivate the child to be neat, creative and takes pride in her/his work in order to achieve optimum results.

  5. to provide an attractive, happy and stable environment, well equipped with teaching resources to nurture in the child a love for learning.

  6. to establish strong links among the school and the child’s home and the community to foster in the child a spirit of community membership and to increase parents’ co-operation.

  7. to encourage staff to attend seminars to keep abreast with the educational developments and trends and also to undertake courses for their own personal and professional growth;

  8. to work towards more parent participation and parent involvement.

School aims:


to follow the college literacy action plan for the early years, with special emphasis on oracy skills


to continue working on literacy skills by focusing on the four strands, by adhering to the English Language Policy, which includes all stakeholders;


to work on Assessment for Learning strategies, backed up by Assessment of Learning Strategies;


to enhance inquiry learning through Shared Reading, Science, Continuous Assessment and ICT.


to implement the school’s vision in a more tangible way.


to increase Parental Involvement mainly through the Parents’ Workshop Club held once a month


to give the Student Council a greater leadership role especially after the Respect for All Document has been launched


to enhance the EkoSkola Committee