Journaling – Year 3

Journaling is an exercise whereby its main aim is to make children write without inhibition.  Its objective is to let children put down ideas without the fear of making mistakes.  However for the benefit of our website readers, correction is showed in blue as to identify the mistakes.


I went on a trip.  It was fun.  In fact it was much fun.  We went on a little safari.  We went at half past 9.  We saw a lot of animals.  We saw a calamantes. We went at Gnejna bay and it was very nice.  We went on 24 of October 2013.  We were very pleased.

Written by Chelsea.


One day there was a Princess.  She’s name is Belle.  Belle saw a beast.  This beast had lots of magikal things.  The magikal things where two things, a candle and a tea cup.  And there Princess Belle saw a swing and got on it.

Written by Loel


Once upon a time there was a monster and his name was Roky.  And Roky was green.  And Roky was in a gar.  And then the gar fell.  And when it falls the gar broken in many pieces.

Written by Aaliyah

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