Congratulations to the new Student Council!

On Tuesday 23rd October, 2012, students at our school have elected the members of the new Student Council. The elected council will serve for two years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.
Students eligible to vote were from Year 2 to Year 6. However children in Year 5 did not participate in the voting process as only 1 child contested, and thus was automatically elected.
There were 19 candidates for 7 to be elected. 2 children were elected from Year 6, 1 child from Year 5, 2 children from Year 4, 1 child from Year 3 and 1 child from Year 2.
The elected Student Council members are:
Jacob Catania and Gabriel Gatt (Year 6)
Elaine Sciberras (Year 5)
Nathan Bajada and Natalia Fenech (Year 4)
Sharona Galea (Year 3)
Loel Abela Vassallo (Year 2)

Congratulations to these children! A word of thanks goes to all the other children who participated and were ready to give a service to their peers.

The Student Council will meet in the coming days to discuss the new roles within the council.

Well done to all!

Joanne Mifsud
Acting Head

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