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Proġett tal-imprenditorija: il-5 sena

It-tfal tal-ħames sena kellhom sessjonijiet ta’ taħriġ imprenditorjali bit-tema ‘Our Community’.  L-istudenti tgħallmu dwar ħiliet imprenditorjali li jolqtu l-komunita’ bħal dwar kif tiftaħ ħanut, x’ifissru l-flus,it-taxxi, kif taħdem f’tim, eċċ.  Is-sessjonijiet kienu forma ta’ workshops.  Dan il-proġett kien wieħed bi sħab mal-uffiċċju tal-Prinċipal u l-iskejjel l-oħra tal-kulleġġ.

Fieldwork:niskopru x’hemm madwar l-iskola tagħna

It-tfal tat-tielet sena daru madwar l-iskola sabiex jistudjaw ftit l-ambjent tal-madwar.  Ir-ritratti juru ftit x’innutaw it-tfal:

It-Torri tal-Arloġġ

Post fejn nistrieħu

L-Emblema tal-Imtarfa

Educational Visit by Year 4

The outing to St Paul’s Catacombs was interesting.  We had fun too.  The people who worked there found a skull. They also found a skeleton of a girl.  And I saw a cross on the roof of the Catacombs. Later we went to St Paul’s Grotto.  It was awonderful experience knowing that St Paul visited this place.  LUCA A. SCHEMBRI

Mr Bonnici, our teacher, told us that we were going to St Paul’s Catacombs. When the day arrived we went to school and after assembly, we waited for the minibus and went to Rabat.  At the catacombs we saw the skeleton of a baby. We counted 21 rooms in the catacombs.  At the catacombs I had fun because I learnt a lot about olden times.



Another year is here.  We’re glad to start our journey again.  It’s a pleasure for me to work with you all-children, colleagues and parents.  It is such a privilege and a responsibility for me to be at the helm of such an important institution, where children are our priority.  I hope that the experience of every child at school is a positive one.

All the best to all.

Joanne Mifsud – Head


Finally the votes for the MAPSSS election were counted and our college elected representative is Ms Lorraine Azzopardi.  Ms Azzopardi would like to thank all parents who showed their trust in her.  Above please find a thank you note sent personally by her goodself to all of you.

Congratulations to the new School Council

On Friday 23rd January, the school has gone through a democratic process of an election for School Council Parents’ Representatives.  The election started at 9:00am and it moved on smoothly.  Most children got the votes and we had a 71% cast votes.  Votes for the MAPSSS election were also cast.  These votes have been passed on to the college and counting will be carried out by personnel from MAPSSS.  I would like to take the opportunity to thank all parents, children and teachers for the cooperation shown on the day.  Parents elected were:

Mr Antoine Vella (52 votes)

Mrs Natasha Borg (51 votes)

Mrs Daniela Sciberras (43 votes)

Teachers’ representatives on the council will be the following:

Mr Kenneth Micallef

Mrs Diane Mifsud

Mrs Ursola Inguanez

I would like to show my appreciation to the School Council President Mr Karmenu Camilleri, who supported the election process.  Heartfelt appreciation goes towards Mrs Joanne Mamo, parents’ representative in the previous council, who has worked very hard during the past years, at times even at a personal cost, to organise activities and discuss initiatives taken up by the school.  Thanks also to Ms Doreen Grech, teachers’ representative in the previous council, who has given time and dedication for the wellbeing of the school.

We are honoured to work once again with Mr Vella, Mrs Borg, Mr Micallef and Mrs Mifsud, who already were part of the council, and we look forward to work together with Mrs Sciberras and Mrs Inguanez as one team with one aim in mind: Learn To Be The Best You Can Be.

All the best to all.

J. Mifsud

School Council Secretary

Parents’ Workshop Club

This year, parental involvement is on the school’s main agenda and for the second consecutive year, the school has come up with a project with the aim of involving parents in the learning and teaching of their children.  The project is based on monthly sessions which aim to promote the importance of literacy and numeracy among parents.  Parents attending the sessions form part of this club and they are committed to attend regularly.  Parents meet up prior to the meeting over a cup of coffee and then they attend the hands-on sessions prepared by various teachers.

Maltempata Kbira

Cristina u Natalia għaddew minn maltempata u hawnhekk jirrakkuntaw l-istorja tagħhom.

Natalia Fenech

Cristina Micallef

Aktar xogħol mill-pinna tagħna.

Qatt intliftu?  Lilna ġratilna.  Aqraw ftit l-esperjenzi tagħna.

Zen Galea

Gislaine Mifsud

Cassidy Borg

Carol Camilleri